Over the past 4 weeks I have noticed an issue with my WeTransfer account.

Mainly that my uploads would get to about 14% (5Mb) and then the transfer would suddenly drop to 0%

Not ideal. In fact the transfers would never make it out.

I have tried sending files via WeTransfer from 3 different Mac’s, 2 different service providers and using 2 different browsers (Safari & Chrome) and nothing seemed to solve the problem.

Having contacted WeTransfer support, they put me onto the possibility that there might be a problem with Sophos Anti-Virus software.

I did notice that Sophos recently updated their GUI and software and I sort of remembered that this was about the time that the WeTransfer problem started. So this morning I decided to play around and see if Sophos was causing my WeTransfer problem.

Hey presto! Sophos IS the culprit. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sophos. It is always catching ‘stuff’ in my emails and quarantining them, so I guess I’m just happy in the back of my mind that it is doing good in the background. But to kill my WeTransfer account so as to render it unusable… Well, that just isn’t good. SO here is the solution I have found.

I’m using the current version of Sophos Home Edition 9.4.0


WeTransfer support said to disable the Sophos software. Not entirely intuitive when the Sophos software just loads at startup and is already running when you login, so how do you ‘quit’ it?

You need to go into Sophos>Preferences and then into the ‘Web Protection’ tab. Here you need to switch OFF both of the options to Block.


WeTransfer now starts to work again immediately and uploads start to move along in 0.1Mb increments, just like it did before the update.

Problem solved!